In addition to the topics already mentioned above, it is individuality, functionality and creativity of approach that also stand for values sought in furniture designed by 'Studio Structura'. Starting or ending with individual pieces of furniture we see our ultimate task in conceiving, forming and materializing of interiors. 

For us each interior has a nature that is worth exploring. Offices, residential interiors as well as industrial, commercial or caring spaces invite us to challenge many preconceptions with purpose of making way for new usage values.

Apart from interest in residential, office and commercial spaces, our special focus is on spaces in which industrial activities take place, not least because it is in a sense where creation is directly present in a most humble way. It is probably because the work on designing industrial facilities anticipates creating job opportunities and a direct positive social impact that there is a special kind of satisfaction in working on such projects. Many ecological, social and technical issues on which our prosperity depends come to the front in this type of assignments.


Location: Indjija, Serbia  /  6000m²
Design and project management: 'STRUCTURA CONCEPT' doo
Project finished: 2012